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Welcome to Bio Uk Fuels, we collect and recycle used cooking oil and turn it into biodiesel which is a renewable fuel for use in diesel engines. Please call 01709 373248 - NEW PHONE NUMBER

Bio Uk Fuels provide a free of charge used cooking oil collection, disposal and recycling service throughout most of mainland Britain. We are licensed waste carriers and provide duty of care waste notes on each collection.

Bio Uk Fuels turn this raw waste material into biodiesel, which produces over 80% less green house gas emissions compared to mineral diesel. We sell biodiesel to the public and business users from our depot in Sheffield.

From producers of waste cooking oil using our services, to users of our biofuel – all our customers have the peace of mind that they are reducing their impact on the environment by using a company which recycles in the UK. Bio UK Fuels is the end of the recycling loop for vegetable oil waste where we aim to convert over 99% of the vegetable oil into biodiesel (methyl ester). We ensure that even the by-product from the biodiesel production is recycled.

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Free Waste Oil Collecton

Unit 17 Newhall Road Industrial Estate
Sanderson Street
Sheffield, S9 2TW

0114 2445603